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Shingles/Herpes zoster vaccination

At our Clinic, we inoculate "product name: Biken ® varicella vaccine (live attenuated)", and "product name: Shingrix ® freeze-dried recombinant herpes zoster vaccine".

About Shingles
Many Japanese adults carry the varicella-zoster virus which causes herpes zoster, which could be lurking in their bodies due to infection with the chickenpox virus usually as a child. When the immune system is weakened due to aging, fatigue, and so on, this virus is activated again and develops into herpes zoster. The incidence is particularly high in the 50s and when it develops it may cause severe after-effects, however the shingles vaccines can prevent the onset and aggravation of herpes zoster.

Biken® Varicella vaccine live attenuated(Tanabe Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation、Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited)

DosageSingle dose 9,900JPY(Tax included)
Preventive effect50~60%
DurationAbout 5 years
BenefitOnly single dose, low cost, less side effect
*Unable to be given if you are using: steroids, immunosuppressive agent

Shingrix® Freeze-dried recombinant herpes zoster vaccine(GlaxoSmithKline plc)
Dosage2 doses (1st dose, then 2-month interval, followed by 2nd dose within 6mont s of the 1st dose)
1st dose 25,300JPY(Tax included)
2nddose 23,100JPY(Tax included)
※25,300JPY(Tax included)for the first dose at other clinics
Preventive effect90% and above
Duration9 years and more
BenefitIt is not a live vaccine, it can be inoculated by patients using steroids and immunosuppressants

【Reservation only】

Reservations are required in advance.
The Shingles vaccine is ordered, billed, and stored per patient. Irreversible preparations are made to the medicine before the treatment, so unfortunately your reservation for this vaccine cannot be canceled after the treatment is booked however, if you have to change the treatment date because of poor physical condition, please contact us a day before your treatment date.
※If you do not contact us by this date, you will be charged the inoculation fee.
1. Please read the above explanation / notes and make a reservation by phone.
Please let us know which vaccine you prefer in your request when you call us.
2. Please be sure to wear a non-woven mask on the day of inoculation and report to the outpatient reception. After check-in, please complete the questionnaire. After a short interview by the doctor, you will then be ready for the inoculation.
※Those who did not get vaccinated after the doctor’s consultation need to pay 3,300JPY (Tax included) for the consultation fee.
3. After 1st dose, we will make your reservation for the 2nd dose. Please check the schedule within 2 to 6 months after the 1st dose.
※Please wait about 30 minutes after the inoculation before leaving the clinic, so we can monitor and potential side effects or reactions. Adverse reactions such as pain, redness and swelling at the injection site usually disappear in about 3 days.


① What is the proper age for the shingles vaccination?

It is intended for people over 50 years old as an inoculation to prevent herpes zoster. Shingles develops twice as often in the 50s as in the 40s, and it is known that the symptoms become more severe as people get older. Both medicines may be tested in people in their 50s or older. If your health is damaged due to the adverse effect(s), you or your family member will apply for the relief procedure based on the Relief Systems for Adverse Drug Reactions.

② Why is there a big difference in the cost of vaccination between the two types?

It is the difference in medicine charges.

③ I have had shingles in the past, is it possible to inoculate?

It is possible to inoculate however, if you are currently ill and have symptoms, please refrain from inoculation until you have healed.

④ I have been vaccinated with Biken®, however I have learned about the preventive effect of Shingrix® and would like to receive it again. Is it possible to inoculate?

There are no restrictions on use, but the judgment of a doctor is required based on the necessity.

⑤ I am planning to get a COVID-19 vaccine. How long of an interval do I need?

Please allow at least 2 weeks after vaccination with COVID-19.

⑥ I am planning to get the flu vaccine. How long of an interval do I need?

Basically, it is possible to inoculate immediately however, if a side reaction appears the cause will not be known, therefore please consider leaving an interval of about one week.

⑦ Are there any precautions for inoculation?

Please avoid inoculation when you have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher or whilst you are not feeling well. In this case, please contact us the day before your inoculation date and reschedule.

If you do not contact us to cancel your reservation, the inoculation fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.

⑧ Is there a subsidy from the municipality?

Please inquire about public expenditure at your municipality.
As of December 2021, there is no herpes zoster vaccine subsidy in Minato Ward.


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